It’s not one size fits all!

I love taking on projects that you dream up and need help with including:

  • Promotional & resource materials
  • Healthier menu items
  • Product development & testing
  • Blog & magazine content
  • Public Speaking on several topics
  • Cooking demonstrations
  • Exhibition representation at trade shows
  • Farm & market promotions & demonstrations
  • Your unique and interesting idea

You offered to and followed through with helping me with social media and sending me info and putting the poster together and most importantly keeping me on track by checking in to follow up early on to make sure I was doing stuff…. If it weren’t for you helping (so I didn’t feel so alone and overwhelmed) and following up to stay on track, I don’t think I could have done the stuff I needed to do to get the business running this season. I might have given up. Thank you so much. I am so incredibly grateful..

Nutrition Bites is looking for Home Builders & Real Estate agents in the London and surrounding areas that want to showcase kitchens in homes up for sale.  It’s a great way for people to enjoy some appetizers or baked good straight from their future kitchen. Offering this culinary experience makes the space more inviting with an open house event that gives them a chance to stay longer than just for the house tour. And don’t forget that ALL your buyers deserve to have a Nutrition Bites Private Cooking Lesson in their new home for their housewarming gift from you!

Special thanks to 20 Valley Harvest farm in Jordan, Ontario for allowing me to be part of their marketing and media strategy team!  I’m looking forward to this project working in London and on-site.  Follow 20 Valley Harvest to follow a cherry farm from blossoms to baskets!
Please contact Nutrition Bites Consulting to discuss any project you need some healthy help with. Email or call to set up a free consulting meeting.

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