Our seed grew…. into a brand new website & online store.


Visit the NEW Growing Up Healthy Seed to Fork Kits site now! 

Some of the recipes associated with the kits are available on Nutrition Bites’ website.  See below for the recipe links or use the “Recipes” tab on the Nutrition Bites home page to discover them all.

Frequently Asked Questions

For any questions, contact Growing Up Healthy directly at info@growinguphealthykits.ca

Growing Up Healthy Seed-to-Fork Recipes


Cheery Cherry Harvest Vinaigrette 

Maple Mango & Pineapple Salsa/Dip

Pasta/Marinara Sauce

Tadah Quinoa Tabouleh – Exclusive Parsley Kit code required


Pronto Pesto

Presto Pesto Pizza

Pasta/Marinara Sauce


Cheery Cherry Harvest Vinaigrette

Maple Mango & Pineapple Salsa/Dip

Food Skills of Each Recipe (Coming soon!)

Our “Seed” Story

Growing Up Healthy with Nutrition Bites is an idea that “grew” from trying to strengthen the connections between children, food skills and personal health.  Teaching only parts of the story leaves children (and many adults) excited about being able to do one, but not confident in how to put the pieces together.

Everyone knows that it is important to:

  • Eat healthy
  • Teach children/people how to find good, affordable food
  • Practice what you learn (hopefully daily!)
  • Create good habits early (or start right away when you want a change)
  • Cook at home & from scratch more often
  • Build social skills & relationships by spending time together
  • Be in touch with nature
  • Become more mindful/aware/appreciative of the simple things in life

So, Nutrition Bites has put together a kit that will teach a person of any age or stage to grow food indoors or out, exploring the nature & ecosystem that exists.  That food then becomes an ingredient in a recipe they prepare.  The recipe teaches food skills and creates self-confidence in the kitchen.   The culinary creation is eaten to nourish our bodies and support our health.  The social skills of having something to do and talk about daily as well as cooking together as a family or team.

The process can include everyone in any setting (family, classroom, daycare, etc) with all of the activities:

  • Planting
  • Watering/tending to the garden
  • Daily observations with drawing/picture taking, conversations,
  • Cooking
  • Taste Testing