Kitchen Organization Idea – Cereal Bags

Does your family still eat cereal?  (Based on current trends, less families are for some reason. I'm guessing it's because we have too many drive thru options!) Well we do!  And we also use it as a crunchy snack that is healthier than chips.  But with Costco bringing bigger boxes and taking up space, I … Continue reading Kitchen Organization Idea – Cereal Bags

Adelaide’s Cookies

A great throw back today to Adelaide Hoodless. One of the pioneers in food safety and from Ontario! And to help announce the CFIA’s (Canadian Food Inspection Agency) announcement today for strengthening food safety training! (

The Federation of Women's Institutes of Canada

By special request! Visitors to the homestead today asked for Addie’s cookie recipe. I am happy to oblige, but must warm you: the recipe does not indicate an oven temperature. Compared to other recipes, I’d say about 350 degrees. But watch the first batch to make sure the oven is not too hot.

Cookies (plain).

1/2 cup butter.
1/4 cup milk.
2 even tsps. baking powder.
1 cup sugar.
1 egg.
Flour to roll out thin. (at least two cups)

Cream the butter, add the sugar, milk, egg beaten lightly, and the baking powder mixed with two cups of flour, then enough more flour to roll out. Roll a little at a time. Cut out. Bake about 10 minutes.

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