Since I haven’t written a post in years you are probably wondering what happened?

So much has changed and is going on in favour of Nutrition Bites!

  • I am currently re-certifying to become a Registered Dietitian.
  • I was recently granted my P.H.Ec. designation = Professional Home Economist.  Yes think Home Ec from school but it’s a lot more than cooking and sewing.  It’s about a holistic and balanced approach to life including home, work, family/friends, community, and health.
  • I have helped out with many community initiatives such as community kitchens and snack programs.
  • I am working with ‘NSTEP ( a national nutrition and physical activity charity that allows me to teach elementary school children as well as other community groups.
  • I will honored to be the author of an article soon to be released (next week!) on couponing (again Home Ec).
  • I will be attending the Dietitians of Canada Conference getting experience under the wing of Canada Beef and sponsored by the DC Media Network as well.
  • I have joined the land of the “living” and have Twitter (@nutritionbites8), Instagram (nutritionbites) and Facebook accounts ( as social media is kind of a fun hobby and a great way to keep the info flowing to and from me.
  • And I am about to transfer this blog from into my website

So I hope you join me on my adventure of tasting, educating myself and having fun with food, nutrition, healthy living and just plain life.  I’m a nutri-foodie at heart with a zest for life ready to diary my journey.  So come along with me in any or all ways to keep in touch, get informed and have fun!


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